House sparrow strikes again

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During the national Backyard bird count (in the Netherlands) 1.271.786 birds were counted. Of that number 204,352 were house sparrows. So in honor of the house sparrow I thought it would be nice to place the following Dutch poem from Toetie & Loela. [...]

Happy new year little ones

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Toetie & Loela wish all the little ones and their parents a healthy, happy and informative 2019! So let's toast with children's champagne on the new year  Make it a fabulous, wonderful, magnificent year! ♥

Gone away is the bluebird

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Here to stay is a new bird He sings a love song, as we go along Walking in a winter wonderland Merry Christmas, love! I wish you a very merry Christmas! Also on behalf of Toetie & Loela and the ten birds in the [...]

Book launch Toetie & Loela

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On november 15th the presentation of Toetie & Loela took place in the public Library in Amstelveen. I am so proud! Where to buy?! Bookstore Libris Venstra in Amstelveen for  €7,99 incl downloadable audiobook version. Or you can order one in my webshop. I can [...]

Invitation book launch Toetie & Loela

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Toetie & Loela; zullen we samen de vogels eens tellen Informative, playful, creative, in poetic style and for all children. No exceptions! The presentation of Toetie & Loela; zullen we samen de vogels eens tellen will take place at the Public Library in Amstelveen [...]

Halleluja: audiobooks!

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As a parent you do not always have the time to read for your children. And grandpa and grandma are not always around. That's why each book comes with a downloadable audiobook. I want every child to [...]

Are you ready, ’cause I am

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I am ready to party! Yes, I finally finished my first children's book and I can not wait to celebrate this with you. Toetie & Loela is a children's book series for children aged 0 to 6- and secretly also for the adults around [...]